Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two Are Better Than One

It's amazing... the day I mention "Uganda", two families pop out of the online woodwork who have adopted from Uganda. That is two more families then we knew of before! Uganda is a very new program so it has been incredibly helpful to email back and forth with them.

Still working on paperwork. We have all of our home study meetings scheduled as well as our physicals for the international agency. I try to do one adoption-related task per day, otherwise it just gets too overwhelming. Yesterday I took pictures of our house and head shots of Matthew and myself for the dossier. The day before that I worked on getting bank letters with our account balances. Today I hope to get some time to work on the autobiography they require. So many little things, just one step at a time!

As far as decision making, we are obviously still on course for Uganda, but open to divine detours. When I last posted we were considering whether to adopt one or two children and that seems to be coming into focus as well. We had a common sense theory that adopting two children would be better for the adopted children. Because they would be coming into a strange new country and the will always look different then the rest of their family, having a sibling who can relate to and understand them as well as simply look like them, seemed like a good idea to us. Besides, we talked about adopting again down the road, so why not just adopt two together?

We came in contact with two different organizations that place Ugandan children and both of them will not place children one at a time, only two at a time. The agency we are looking at right now does place single children, but just the fact that these other organizations have that policy confirmed for us that adopting two children is the right path for us at this point. So, thanks be to God for directions and guidance, and thank you for your prayers for those things!

Some of you may be wondering, isn't adopting expensive, especially for two? How are they planning on paying for this??? Ah, a very good question with an exciting answer that I will discuss in my next post.


Jeff and Noelle said...

Hi Kristie - I go to East Valley (attend in the conference center) and got your blog address from Jenn Whitlach. I saw your posting this morning and wanted to post a quick comment. I think it's amazing what you're doing with the adoption and those children will be so blessed! We have some family friends who just adopted twins from Sierra Leone and they just came home with them a couple months ago. She's blogged her story at these websites... documented the first part of their adoption and then she started writing on their family blog at Thought you may be interested as she's done a great job of writing about their story. We'll be praying for you in your process!

Noelle Platt

The Kempiak Party of Five said...

I love your faith and how you've come to make decisions. Way cool!

chicknboy said...

Kristie-I'm good friends with Suzie-have met you a time or 2. We have been home a year now with our daughter from China-and I think you know my sis Joy -who should be getting their boys from Ethiopia soon.

so excited to hear you are on this amazing adoption path. I have a wonderful friend who adopted two from Uganda earlier this year. I know she'd be happy to tell you their experiences as well.

Also-I have a ton of adoption related books you guys are welcome to read if you want! Once all the paperwork is done (and it can be quite overwhelming!) is when you can concentrate on the reading and learning how to handle things once the kids come home. :)


Scott and Erin said...

Hi! My husband and I used to live in Uganda, and now have two children adopted from there. it's great to find out about more families adopting Ugandan kids! Be blessed!