Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Telling!

Does anyone else remember the game show from the 80's "I'm Telling!"? They would take teams of 2 siblings and they would ask one of them questions while the other sat in the "Freeze Zone" where they could not hear their sibling's answers. Then the two would switch places and answer the same questions and see which team could match the most answers to make it to the Prize Arcade.

We have the second of our three Homestudy meetings tomorrow, and it sounds to me a lot like "I'm Telling". Of course, it won't be my sister with me (though we would have cleaned up on that show) it will be my husband. The Freeze Zone will be the Pei Wei across the street and the grand prize will be checking off one more stepping stone on the way to our child/children!

Oh, about the backslash necessitated there, please keep praying about the one child, two children decision. As we've been crunching numbers we are now questioning not whether we could afford the adoption for two, but could we afford to raise two additional children. Pray that we would find a balance between wisdom and faith and that we would not make any decisions out of fear.


the roberts family said...

Hi Kristie,
We will be praying about this decision. We know God will provide for His children, aren't we so blessed to watch Him work! He is faithful, so faithful. We are hoping to be at the CD release party. Hoping you all feel better soon.
The Roberts Family

Dave said...

I called our home study 'the airing of the grievances.' It was a huge disappointment in that respect. Still looking to unload all my baggage.