Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Braselton Family Update Quiz

This is a post that I've had on my list to write for months now, but just haven't gotten around to it. When we starting telling people that we were pregnant, Matthew said I'd better update the blog and fill folks in on what our adoption plans are and all that good stuff. I agreed, but thought it would make for a pretty dry post both to write and to read, so I have been putting it off until now. But in the 30 seconds or so of typing this opening paragraph, I have decided not to resign this post to such a fate. Instead of a “press release” I'm going to make this a short quiz that anyone who is interested can participate in. You'll still get the low-down, but I won't drop off to sleep while editing my own post. I'll also mail a free “Wondrous Things” CD to the first person (other than Luke Simmons) to get 100% correct. Good luck!

The Braselton Family Update Quiz

1. Matthew and Kristie's latest addition to the family is due on:

a) St. Patrick's Day
b) Memorial Day
c) Independence Day
d) Labor Day

2. The decision to have another biological child came about when:

a) Matthew and Kristie found out they were pregnant
b) Kristie got the baby bug and wore Matthew down
c) Matthew got the baby bug and wore Kristie down
d) Bethany and Harper begged for a baby

3. When Matthew and Kristie told their caseworker that they were pregnant, she informed them that:

a) She was very excited for us
b) Agency policy states that a pregnant couple cannot adopt until one year after their baby is born.
c) She will put our home study on hold and all of the paperwork that we've done will still be good to go with a few updates
d) All of the above

4. When Matthew and Kristie heard what she had to say, they:

a) Flew into a fit of rage
b) Were disappointed, but knew that God was in control of their family.
c) Decided to switch agencies and pursue international adoption
d) Booked a Caribbean cruise with the money in their adoption savings account

5. The plan for the Braselton family's adoption is now:

a) Have the new baby and see where our family is at a year from then
b) Switch tracks to international adoption where there are no waiting policies
c) Put the new baby up for adoption so we can adopt sooner
d) Adopt a highway instead

6. The Braseltons were planning on adopting a sibling group of 2 or 3, but now:

a) They want to adopt a sibling group of no less than 4 in hopes of replacing Jon and Kate on cable television.
b) They plan to adopt only one child
c) Their plans have not changed
d) They are in a "wait and see" stage for the next few years