Friday, October 24, 2008


First it was Pink Eye, now Strep Throat! I'm beginning to think we're hazardous to our caseworker's health. Rescheduling on Monday...


chicknboy said...

we had silly setbacks in our adoption journey too. :) it's a good thing we know this is all God-ordained otherwise it can get a bit frustrating at points. :)

also-I just commented on your "two is better than one" post not realizing it wasn't the most "recent". :)

we're looking forward to the release of your new CD! am thinking it will make for nice Christmas gifts for my friends in other parts of the country who don't know your work yet. :)

Joy said...

This is exciting that you are on your way down the adoption road. Our adoption which was told would take 4 months (pilot program) took many twists and turns and now we are with our 3rd agency and 2nd country after 17 months we will finally be holding our boys in 2 weeks. Thank goodness we can rest in His sovereignty!

I can't wait to see how the Lord provides for your adoption and leads you through it. - Awesome about your CD release. Christ has Conquered all is still my all time favorite.
Take care,