Monday, October 22, 2007

Write About Jesus 2007

A Couple Cool Moments from Write About Jesus

It was Saturday morning and we were having a praise and worship time after breakfast. We were all singing our guts out to “Here I Am to Worship”, which is a song I’ve sung a hundred times, but this time the Spirit applied it in a new way. As I was singing I was able to say to God “Here I am, in St. Louis, at Write About Jesus, to worship. To worship by using my talents, by writing songs, by building relationships, by serving others.” We always talk about how worship isn’t just singing, but it’s a lifestyle. So it was really cool to connect the singing and the living in that moment, as God reminded me why I was ultimately there: to worship.

I had a moment this weekend that was potentially head-swelling, and I realized that as soon as it began. I sensed that it was a moment that would reveal to me a lot about where I was with the Lord and songwriting, so I was very attentive to how I would respond- not in action, but in my heart before God. So while this moment was happening, I began to pray that I would be faithful and have a heart-response that was glorifying to God. I thought I’d try to turn this blessing back to Him, so I started to thank Him for allowing me to write songs and for giving me this particular song. He promptly interrupted and spoke as audibly as he ever has to me (which isn’t audibly at all, it's just in my head). He said “It’s not about you. It’s not about the song, or even that I gave you the song. It’s about what that song says about Me. It’s about the truth, and it’s about My glory.” Instantly my prayer expanded, like a camera lens focused on a single blade of grass pulling out to reveal a sprawling countryside. My thoughts shifted from what God had done for me or in me or through me and I just starting praising Him for who He was and for the truth about Him in the song that was playing on the CD player.

A Few Things I Love about Write About Jesus

I love how nobody there dresses to impress. We’re all in tee-shirts and jeans and whatever we feel like. I love it that I can wear the same pair of jeans all weekend and not feel judged for it!

I also love how you never know a songwriter by the looks of them. I’m continually surprised! We had a winner that was in high school and a winner that could have been my grandmother. That is way cool.

I love being around people who really get me. I forgot how much I enjoy the company of several of the people there.

I love being able to feel things again. Seems like at home with the way life is, I just go and do and try to keep my head above water. It wasn’t until maybe Friday afternoon, but I remembered what it’s like to feel and to drink it all in. I plan to change that about regular life if at all possible.

I love writing songs, and if I want to keep loving writing songs, I need to make sure I only write songs because I love to write songs. If that makes sense to you, than you are SUCH a songwriter. :)


Melissa said...

ditto, Kristie. Especially about the jeans and t-shirts. IT's SOOOO not Estes. :-)

Melissa B.

Sue said...

You wore the same jeans all weekend? LOL! As long as you wore them with a WAJ t-shirt, that's all that really matters!

belinda said...

So...someone on the faculty mentioned to me that you wrote a pretty amazing song...and I'd LOVE to hear it...and then I realized that YOU'RE the one who is always three cars behind me in traffic and I got nervous...

Anonymous said...

Missed seeing you this year, Kristie. Who did you push into doing the Alumni Cafe?! :) I love this blog and I love your last comment. It's about God, it's about the song and serving Him. Thanks for sharing your heart. I feel kinda like I was there!

Sue C.

Romi said...

Just love your song/blog writer's heart, Kristie B.!!: ) Your writing always inspires me to be more observant and attentive to the little details of life that often get overlooked in the busyness (thank you!)
I was looking forward to you sharing your thoughts about WAJ '07...couldn't agree more with all you penned, especially the part about "I love being able to feel things again. Seems like at home with the way life is, I just go and do and try to keep my head above water." For myself, it's usually autopilot, but ever since GMA, I've been more intentional about being less auto and more aware and being present in each and every moment. So it is possible, just not always easy in the midst of a busy life with kiddos!

PS: I do believe Belinda has blown your cover as a spy! ; )

Gretchen said...

Your blog echoes what God's been speaking to me for days. It is all about His glory. I've been wrapped up in John Piper lately and His "Christian Hedonism" books. All about God's glory and joy. And your sentence about the love of song writing didn't even phase me at all, in fact not until the next sentence about "understanding it" did I go back and think, oh, would that be confusing to someone??

Bev H said...

I'm going to add this to my list of favorite quotes: "I love writing songs, and if I want to keep loving writing songs, I need to make sure I only write songs because I love to write songs." [applause] .... BTW, keep in mind that some people look BETTER in jeans and a WAJ t-shirt than others! (YOU would be one of those favored people.)

Anonymous said...

I decided to read the bloggers from Sue's list and read your entry about WAJ. I am the one that won in Group 5. I did think about the wide range of winners. I admite that it makes me happy to know that that group of people pay attention to the end results (good songs) rather than who or what an individual maybe. Thank you for your comment and observatin. I met the highschool student as I was leaving an congratulated him. There was a big smile on his face. ( I also had one.) G. Ross