Monday, September 10, 2007

Herman and the Second Life

By now, most of you have probably heard of Second Life. For those of you who haven’t, it’s basically a website where you create a character and build it a life; a second life, if you will, complete with income, housing, friends, and yes, even church. It’s unbelievable how into this thing some people are and the amount of money they pour into a fake life, but I’m not going to go into it. I do have strong feelings about the site and its users and what I feel are the philosophical, sociological, and spiritual issues surrounding it, but I’m not a rant-blogger. I’m not a rant-blogger because I don’t like to read rant-bloggers because they make me feel angry inside. I’m plenty angry as it is, so if you need something to get angry about, go to the website, check it out, and write your own rant about it.

All that to say that Second Life got me thinking the other day about what I would do if I had a second life. Not an online life on a ridiculous website, but another real life to try anything or go an entirely different direction then the one I’m living now. Kind of like when I was a kid playing Jeopardy! on my computer (yeah, nerdy, I know). I would tell the computer that there were two people playing, when really it was only me. I would set up my player “Kristie” and I would buzz in on all the questions I was sure I knew the answer to, and then I’d set up another player “Herman” or something and use him for all those questions that I wasn’t sure about. Herman was my second life. I could roll the dice with Herman and not put my real self at risk. If Herman got a question wrong, it was no big deal. It wasn’t really me, after all. It was just Herman.

It’s one of my favorite questions to ask people: what would you do if you had another life? But you can’t take it too seriously or else it’s no fun. I ask some people and they think about it so carefully you’d think I could actually grant them one. My list is long and seemingly random, and probably impossible to do it one additional life. I would like to try being a missionary, especially aboard Mercy Ships or something of the like. I would like to get a degree and become a high school English teacher or maybe go into advertising and marketing. I could move to Nashville and try to make it in the music business. I’ve always wanted to open a sandwich shop, and maybe serve breakfast too. Maybe I’d get one of those crazy spiky haircuts that look so good on some girls. The possibilities are endless.

It’s crazy when you start playing Marty McFly on your life and asking “what if”? What if I never did this or did that, how it would completely alter the course or your life. My biggest one is what if I didn’t decide to learn to play the guitar? I wouldn’t have found a niche in the youth group by joining the worship band. I wouldn’t have been drawn out and given confidence by the band’s leader. I wouldn’t have started writing songs. And most significantly, I probably wouldn’t have been given the opportunity to get to know Matthew very well, and go on to marry him. Where would I be without my guitar? Perhaps an unmarried English teacher with a spiky haircut.

All that said, no second life could ever compare to my first life. I am incredibly blessed. Matthew and I always say that if we ever won the lottery (which would be astonishing since we never play), we wouldn’t change a thing. Well, we would probably get a hot tub, but other than that, life is perfect. After all, you only get one. So here’s to living without regrets.

If you don’t mind putting yourself out there on the world wide web, I’d love to hear what you would do with your second life.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your hair just the way it is, Little Babe!

isaacw said...

So, you've discovered the world of Second Life. I want to say something about it, but wouldn't even know where to start! There's so many implications (good, neutral, & bad) that could be discussed. (I'm a web designer, so I think about this much more than the average person)

Anyways, I thought you might enjoy this:

Rob and Denise Miller said...

Greetings from Monrovia, Liberia! My name is Denise and my husband, Rob, and I serve with Mercy Ships! We are on the Africa Mercy and googled Mercy Ships and saw your posting! Well.... the good news is that coming to Mercy Ships doesn't have to be a second can be a real part of your life! Sounds like you are quite busy now with life as a wife and mother, but you can pray about the timing and in God's time... you can serve with Mercy Ships! To learn more about volunteering...visit or our blog May God bless you abundantly as you trust in and serve Him where you are today and seek His paths for your future!
God's blessings,
Denise Miller
Mercy Ships, M/V Africa Mercy
currently serving in Liberia

luke simmons said...

i'm glad you didn't go with the spiky hair. great post, very thought-provoking and funny. i think i would give it a go as a fullback or maybe a fireman. it's sort of like people who think they were reincarnated though...they always were somebody glamorous before. i don't think i'd want to come back as something boring.

Lisa said...

I'm looking forward to my "second life" in heaven. God forbid I should have to take another run at this one! I'm more blessed than I ever thought I would be, but it's been IN SPITE of anything I've done! God is good, and I'll take the sin-free version that's waiting for me at the end of this one.

The Paasch-inator said...

Once I figure out what to do with the first life I'll decide on the second. ;) There's one advantage of being very young.