Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yard Sale Stats

Yard Sale Start Time: 7:00am
First Lull ("Lull" being defined as less than 10 people in the driveway): 10:30am
Weirdest thing donated: 50 Sombreros
Biggest Ticket Item Sold: Couch and Loveseat Set $120
Surprise Hit: "Hot Wheels" Cars
Most Disturbing Moment: Racially-charged shouting match between two customers
Most Disturbing Customer: The older man who looked like he'd just been attacked by a pack of angry cats and acted as if everything was normal
Sale End Time: 12:00pm
Grand Total Raised: $1,550.00

Two Words: Woo. Hoo.

We will definitely be doing this again. THANK YOU to all the helpers and to everyone who donated items and watched our kids and most of all to my amazing Mom who pretty much did all the hard work. You guys rock.


chicknboy said...

that is just awesome! praise God!

Guy said...

Loved the "most disturbing" categories. Yard/garage sales here in "the sticks" are generally one long lull.

Except for about 1/2 hour BEFORE you are supposed to open, when all the snipers show up and ask "would you mind if I come in a little early"?

"Actually, yes. Would you mind if I put on some clothes?"

Rachel said...

That's SO great!