Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My New Favorite Christmas Ornament

So, it’s the New Year and everyone is posting fantastic New Year’s entries on their blogs and I feel like a lump for not following suit. So here it is: my fantastic New Year’s post. I used to write in my journal without fail every first of the year, but that tradition comes to an end this year. I hardly journal at all anymore, especially with this blog for my creative writing outlet. I’m thinking for the blog this year I might start adding pictures. When I began I wanted to have a strictly textual blog, but as I read other blogs I realize that I really enjoy the pictures. It’s also a great way to post without actually having to say much. So look forward to a little more visual stimuli around here, and hopefully a little more frequency.

In fact, why not start off 2008 with a photo? That way I can get away without saying anything of real significance. Friends, I give you my new favorite Christmas ornament, created by my friend Kacey McGinty.
(To see her incredible work or book her as a photographer, go to Hey, why not plug a friend? It's the least I can do.

Happy 2008!

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Kacey Luvi said...

YAAAAAAY! You totally made my day!! Thanks! I loved the "nother" post too. Would you mind telling the rest of America that there is no "x" in the word "especially" ?? I enjoy the way you write and I'm pretty sure people will listen to you. You're a mom.