Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Free Melody

Due to the number of recent inquiries about Melody the Suicidal Beta Fish, I thought I'd better post an update on the situation. Melody has been set free.

Clutching a blue Tupperware dish and escorted by her father, Bethany carefully made her way to the banks of the lake marking the entrance to the Phoenix Zoo. There had been a family discussion the night before regarding Melody's current state of depression and loneliness, and we came to the conclusion that little Melody would be much happier where she could swim freely in open water with other aquatic friends.

Bethany stood at the edge of the water while her Daddy pointed out all of the wonderful features the lake had to offer Melody: Sun, room to roam, other fish to play with, and of course all the turtles.

"Do you want to put Melody in her new home now?" He asked.

"Yup!" replied Bethany eagerly, and with one fluid motion she pulled the top off the Tupperware and dumped out its contents, only missing the lake by a few feet. But Melody, the ever-resourceful and resilient fish, flopped her way down the remainder of the bank and plopped into the algae-covered water. We took this as confirmation that she too was on board with the decision to relocate. We all waved to Melody calling out our farewells, and proceeded to enjoy our day at the zoo. And on the way back to the parking lot as we crossed over the lake, Bethany stopped, looked through the railing, and called out "Bye bye, Melody! We'll see you next time!"

Best of luck to you, Melody. We'll see you next time.

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