Monday, April 03, 2006

Journal to Self- Truly Living

(Whenever God teaches me something particularly remarkable I will write a journal entry to myself, knowing that one day, after having long forgotten my epiphany, I will be flipping through the pages and get to re-learn the truth all over again. I have found that the most effective format for the purpose of preaching to my future self is a question/answer, problem/solution sort of system.)

Are you struggling to stay rooted in the Word of God; to be immersed in it regularly?

Then perhaps you are simply not living a life that demands such a rooting, or such a regular time with the Lord. Perhaps your life has grown so self-centered, so safe, and so easy, that you find that you no longer need Him. We all make a beeline for the throne of God when trials come and hardship presents itself. But unless it is thrust upon us we would choose to live in quiet comfort, avoiding tension, difficulty, and uncomfortable situations at all costs.

Do you want to want the Word of God? Like Tozer, do you thirst to be made more thirsty still? Then do something hard. Take a risk. Search out your lepers and serve them. Attempt something for Christ so beyond yourself that you have no choice but to depend on Him. See if you don’t come running back to the Truth in Scripture- back to the answers, back to the wisdom, the power, and the strength.

He is the Source of life. If you find yourself feeling no difference whether near Him or not, than perhaps it is that you are not truly living.


Anonymous said...

I seek so much comfort in laziness that I just pray for God to come after me with a whip. Or pray for His restraining grace. Where He restrains ppl from sin by controlling their circumstances or even themselves? I'm lazy. *sigh sigh*


Rusty said...

You are so right Kristie - we have a tendency to only feel like we need God when we are facing trials or tribulations. When in reality we need God all the time


Guy Hufstetler said...


Beautiful. Just beautiful.

I absolutely LOVE reading your blog.

Have you considered submitting some of your writing to magazines? You are just a natural.

I check your blog almost daily just because I love to read your writing!

Brent Klontz said...

This is an entry that I will definitely read again. Thanks for the great reminder Kristie!