Saturday, February 18, 2006

Quiche and Storage Bins

I don't have anything in mind to write about yet... just kind of wandering into it to see where it goes. I have the time and it's been a few days, so I figured I should come up with something. It's been a pretty nice morning so far. No major catastrophes, nothing too remarkable- except for the 6 mini quiches that Bethany put away for breakfast. In case you aren't familiar with mini quiches or the eating habits of toddlers, that's an awful lot of nosh for an 18 month-old. The kid baffles me. She holds up one of the little pastries and looks at me questioningly. "It's quiche," I say. A pause. "Quiche!" She declares and delightedly stuffs it into her mouth. We worked for months on "da da". She still can't say her own name. But French breakfast cuisine? We've got that one down.

In a few minutes here we'll be off to Toy 'R' Us. Not to buy toys, mind you, because that's the job of grandparents who have made careers out of purchasing toys. Were there a ladder of advancement in place for them they would all be vying for CEO. That being the case, we are now in the market for toy storage. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, purchasing stuff to store all the stuff that we already have. It's really more organization than storage because it's not that the toys don't have enough floor space to be strewn across (Bethany seems determined to prove that point at least once a day). But it seems that many of them need homes- somewhere to hide when company arrives and a place to go back to at night. Especially the Legos. Especially at night.

Between this paragraph and the last I have since returned from the toy store with a nice set of 3-tier stackable storage bins. Apparently we have resorted to the strategy of building upward that is implemented by the larger land-locked cities, seeing as I have just purchased what will be known among the toys as "The Projects". After 30 minutes of assembly with an infuriatingly small Alan wrench, the bins are complete. I try them out. They stack. They store. Success.

Bring it on, Grandma. Bring it on.


Rusty said...


I'm so glad I found your blog (linked from Brent's)! I must say that I found your blog title/subtitle absolutely hilarious.

Very fun entry.

Case of Base

Brent Klontz said...

Hey Kristie-

It is so fun to hear about the little quircks about having kids. Oh, and way to go on assembling the toy container! Did Matthew help you out at all? If not, even more props!

grandpa b said...

OK, so you've got more storage. Great! Time for more toys!

Grandpa B

luke simmons said...

hilarious. i'm loving this blog...

djbesq1 said...

The toy buying thing must be genetic with Grandpa B's. Our dad used to take Janet to Toys R Us and buy her everything she pointed to! A whole trunkful of toys each visit. Kristie, I'm SO enjoying your blog. Thanks! Debbie